Featured Thread: Fantasy Word Count

This week’s featured advice thread is courtesy of Megan Manzano, Pitchwars mentor and intern at Corvisiero Literary Agency. You can find Megan on Twitter using her handle, @Megan_Manzano. Fantasy writers all over the Twitterverse can be seen lamenting the need to trim their word count, but Megan’s thread caught my eye by focusing on the opposite. So what are some of the issues with a low word count in fantasy? Let’s see.

Word count is more than the length of your story, it’s a hint for the content that lies inside. While it’s important to trim the excess filler from your manuscript, it’s equally vital to ensure nothing is lacking. There’s a reason a word count on either end of the spectrum gives agents and publishers pause–even before they have a chance to read excerpts from it. Your story is your baby, so give it every chance to succeed when you unleash it into the query trenches and the world.

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