Giveaway Winners! (and a new announcement)

Hi friends!

It has come to my attention that my mother subscribes to this blog. (Hi Maman!) Anyway, I didn’t realize WordPress sends out an email every time a blog post goes live. For those of you currently subscribed, I appreciate your patience! I know this has been a pretty busy week on the blog, and apologize for contributing to your inbox clutter.

Of course, I had to find a solution, so we’re switching over to a new subscription service–MailChimp. The new plan is to send out a monthly newsletter with a brief summary of the blog posts from that month, along with the latest news and events. If you’re already subscribed, I recommend unsubscribing from the WordPress version and switching over to the newsletter here. You can stay subscribed with WordPress if you want, but I’m a bit shy (SHOCKER, I know), so news and events will mainly be announced through the newsletter, with any career-changing news also on my Twitter page.

On that note, now that the giveaway is officially over, I’d like to settle into a somewhat regular posting schedule. After writing the inner critic post, I realized two things: 1) Some of these posts can get fairly personal, and 2) I can only write from my own experience. If I don’t have time to work on my own writing, I’ll soon run out of material to post for you all. For now, I can commit to 1-2 posts from me each month, 2 guest posts, and 2 recommended Twitter threads. Thank you to those of you who stick with me on the bumpy road ahead.

In addition to the above mentioned content, Lissa and I have agreed to move my Indie Spotlight to this site. If you haven’t heard of my Indie Spotlight, each month I choose one indie writer to showcase in an interview.

Now for the big announcement. Drum roll, please…


Jason Golleher (on Twitter as @jason_golleher)
Jessa Kaina (on Twitter as @JessaKaina)
Alexandra Gardner (on Twitter as @agardner_author)

All winners were chosen randomly through Rafflecopter’s dashboard. I’d like to give one huge thank you to Tory Hunter Books and M. Bonneau for allowing me to showcase their work as prizes in my giveaway. And finally, thank you to everyone who participated!

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