Cover art by M. Bonneau

The woods of Kilfanagh are either haunted or blessed. No one can explain the missing children or the mysterious melody that emanates from the trees on feast days, eliciting visions of grand meals and euphoria. 16 year old Sasha has never felt the lure of the music, but she feels the pull of the forest all the same.

When Sasha decides to explore, she stumbles upon a fairy ring and discovers she is the youngest princess of a powerful Aos Sí court, swapped with a human child at birth for her own protection. Swept into a treacherous new world, Sasha has to learn the ways of her people if she hopes to keep her crown—and her head.

Coming June 2020!

Premier socialite Virginia Clarke has a taste for the finer things in life. From the latest fashions off the runway to jet-setting adventures, her lifestyle is nothing short of fabulous. More than anything, Virginia loves good food. She adores the texture, taste, and experience of a gourmet meal— better yet, she can afford it. Perfection is rarely more than skin deep, and indulging her cravings reveals inner demons she’d rather keep hidden.

Daniel Salisbury’s dreams are coming true. The reigning champion of the reality show Wurst Chef, he now caters to the wealthy elite while saving for his own restaurant. When Virginia collapses in his kitchen, he uncovers a dangerous secret that puts her life at risk. In a world where appearance means everything, can Daniel convince her to seek help before it’s too late?