In honor of Caleb Wright’s upcoming book release, I’ve agreed to host a blog tour for him! While the tour will be all about the author behind The Odyssey of the Dragolitha series, today I’d like to focus on some of the bloggers willing to go above and beyond to support indie talent.

Without further ado, here are the amazing bloggers who have agreed to participate:

Cal P. Logan
Author of the Shattered Fate series, Cal blogs about his writing process and experiences. From rejecting publishing contracts to character development, his posts give amazing insight into his publishing journey.

Lissa’s Library
Hosted by Melissa Moreno
Audiobook narrator and critique, Lissa reviews YA and NA books with claws out. Her site features an Indie Spotlight, hosted by yours truly, to showcase some of the indie talent in the community through author interviews and guest posts.

Laila Winters
Author of Astraethea, Laila supports both indie and querying writers by hosting interviews on her website. Her interview questions are quirky and unique, prompting writers to reveal how their personality shines in their writing process.

The Writer’s Alley
Hosted by Jacob Rundle
Author of Augur of Shadows, Jacob’s blog is a wonderful pillar of support for the indie community. He offers guest posts, author interviews, and book reviews to help showcase indie authors.